Natural horn in F, usual bore, nickelsilver slides
combination crooks for mod. 194*
E Es D C B-basso
120,– 160,– E+Es 310,– C+Es
*combination crooks have to be combined to reach desired pitch.
Saves space. Crooks and instrument fit into standard horn case

Historic Alexander orchestral natural horn

Это модель, кажется, уже не выпускается

Historical Natural horn
Natural horn in C, „Halari“, bore 11.3 mm, bell Ø 280 mm, engraved yellow brass garland,
with crooks for leadpipe, in yellow brass only, pitch: a = 440 hz
single crooks:
B A G F E Es D C B-basso
280,– 300,– 330,– 490,– 530,– 550,– 660,– 690,– 300,–
other crooks can be made for fixed order

 Parforce Horn
Mod. 1177
— Normal horn bore
— Very precise key change valve
— 2 water keys
— High gloss polished surface
— Leather wrap available upon request

Mod. 1179
— Normal horn bore
— Tubing double wrapped
— High gloss polished surface
— Leather wrap upon request available